Friday, December 9, 2011

Bridesmaid Gifts

So now that we've gotten the groomsmen (see yesterday's post) taken care of, let's cover the girls. A bride picks her bridal party from her sisters, her best friends-the people who mean the most to her in her life-which usually means who she's made some of the best memories with!

Picking gifts for your bridesmaids can be so much fun, and can be something which creates yet another amazing memory between the two of you. Personal gifts are always so sweet and things they can use for years to come!

                                                  What girl doesn't LOVE photos!??

Every bride knows she will NEED her bridesmaids day-of to help her get ready, keep her laughing, and help her get into her dress without ruining hair and makeup! How adorable are these personalized robes found on Shop The Knot that everyone could wear to get ready in?!? It makes for great pictures too!

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