Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Blogosphere Series Part 9

Part 9 of our Blogosphere Series brings us to Snippet & Ink! They shared these awesomesauce letterpress notecards from Tallu-lah for asking your maids of honor/ring bearers/groomsmen/other significant peoples to be in your wedding! They are quite darling!

We had a bride who used something like this and I just thought they were so sweet!

The people you ask to be in your wedding would be thrilled to receive something like this! I know I would love it, I'd probably cry being the sap that I am.

How did you ask your bridal party to be apart of your big day?

You can check out Etsy to or Tallu-lah for more of these lovely notecards!


Natasha said...

I would go for something a bit more creative such as, "It's my bridal party, but I'm not paying for any broken glasses." :)

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