Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Detail: Draping the Venue

I went to my cousin's wedding recently and fell in love with draping the ceiling! This fabulous detail really adds something extra to your venues. It's that detail that is going to make your guests stop and say, "wow".

You could go more simple like these:

Or a bit more extravagant like this one

Love the lights in the drapes!


Really make your wedding pop with some drapes in your wedding color. This is such a great detail to add into your wedding to make an unforgettable event! 


Natasha said...

oh my gosh.. that looks surreal! and I especially like the lighting as it adds a whole new layer to the already brilliant design. definitely looks like something Preston Bailey designed.

Pepe Fanjul said...

I like all draping specially the first and last one...looking really nice

eBridge advertising said...

Wow the color combination is too good..They looking awesome...It looks really attractive,the colors are vibrants..

Wedding Singer Los Angeles said...

Draping makes any venue look so elegant if done the right way.

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