Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Awesometastic Marriage Proposal: Kaity and Bobby

Kaity and Bobby were some of our awesometastic'est clients, and they have a seriously cute proposal story to share to go along with our theme of awesometastic marriage proposals.

Aren't they the cutest!

The story as told by Kaity:

Bobby and I were going up to Gainesville for the Orange and Blue debut last weekend. The morning of the game is the annual Gator Yard Sale - aka where they sell off game-used jerseys (Bobby's other love in his life). For weeks, Bobby told me how stressed he was about the sale and how he was nervous about not getting good jerseys, etc. I told him to be calm and thankful for anything he got!

So, Friday night on the drive up he tells me that we have to go to campus. Kendall (our friend and future bridesmaid!) had texted him that the sale tent had moved and we needed to scope it out. We were planning to be in line at 6am (for the 9am sale). I told him he was crazy and to not worry about it. He persisted and decided we had to go to campus to check.

There we are at 9 o'clock at night cruising campus at 20 mph. He pulls into the parking lot behind Gator Dining. "Why don't you park at the O'Dome. It's closer." "No. It's closed." "It's not closed! Go check." "Yeah, it is." "No, it's not."

Eventually I caved and we parked at Gator D and started walking up to the corner of North-South (Gale Lemerand for you babies) and Stadium Road. Before I know it, he's stopping me at the corner - in front of the Bull Gator...and saying some lovely things I will keep to myself and asking me to marry him. After "Are you serious?!!?" I said "Yes" and that leads me to the most beautiful ring I have ever seen...

Check out Kaity's blog for more!


Catering services said...

Wow nice theme for wedding service and really your story is very interesting Kaity and Bobby.

Lindsey Lou Wedding said...

that is a very cute engagement! I love the photo of the couple against the brick wall

John david said...

Hi, ur wedding is beautiful, I saw ur wedding ring is really great, this ring is to show our love for one heart ..

Alfonso Fanjul said...

I really like this diamond ring..It's simple and cute..Really heart touching post..

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