Monday, August 15, 2011

Bouquet of Love and Support

We recently had a bride who incorporated the Bouquet of Love and Support into her ceremony as a substitution for the Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony.I had never seen this done before but I L-O-V-E it!! It is a super awesome option and I think more brides should use it!

Our particular client we had used a vase that had been passed down from generations. They used silk mums as their flowers but you could use literally any flower you like, fake or real!

So instead of pouring sand, water, wine or lighting a candle, the bride and groom each put a flower in the vase. Then have the important people in your life come up and put a flower in your vase and give hugs to the bride and groom. They can come up in couples, or as individuals, whatever you like, personalize it for you.

It was really sweet and emotional for the bride and groom. And it was a great way to involve the family and thank them for being there and supporting the forming of their new family. It really touched my heart, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed.

Thank you Russell Martin for capturing this beautiful ceremony!!


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Natasha said...

Sharing happiness with the loved ones is definitely the best thing to do in life... Lovely photos!

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IncomeatHome said...

I like the idea very much.. it was a great way to involve the family and thank them for being there and supporting the forming of their new family...

Aadams1 said...

Nice videography, the wedding planner ia choose to take this photos. It’s a nice and moment of our wedding special.

wedding photographer said...

Gorgeous photography I love all this pictures !Totally a dream come true!

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