Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do you need a Wedding Consultant?

I don't know do you? This is a question that often comes up, but most of the time the bride thinks that she doesn't because she has it all handled. And maybe she does. I mean tons of weddings happen everyday without a wedding planner and those people are married.

But if you have a lot of details that need attention, or understand that you don't have control of timing, or your vendors on your wedding day, and you want to be a guest at your own party and not worry about IF the cake showed up, or IF the DJ has the right timeline, or IF the photographer is on the same page as the caterer. Than maybe you might want to consider a wedding consultant.

There are a lot of details leading up to your wedding day that need attention - maybe a "day of" package is what you need - or maybe something with some minimal consultation?

Your mom probably - and I am just guessing here - wants to be a guest at your wedding, and you probably want to enjoy your friends and family that traveled from near and far to see you. So just letting go of the worries of getting things done and trust that a professional has "your back" - so to speak.

Some brides say that they'll trust a girlfriend to handle the planning on her wedding day - but one thing to consider is that your girlfriend may have never planned a wedding in her life. She also wants to have fun at your wedding... and she doesn't know your vendors - so in theory this is a great idea, but it may not work out how you'd planned.

Maybe giving up some responsibility on your wedding weekend to the professionals that you trust will allow you to fully enjoy your wedding! It's not an expensive idea, it's priceless - it's a day in your life that only happens once, you want it to be perfect, trust the professionals that specialize in perfect.

** All photographs Photography by Rebecca

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