Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh The Places We Went

These shoes were definately not made for walking. In fact, they are what I have dubbed my "Wedding Shoes". I have found over the years, that I must have comfy shoes for working weddings. Otherwize, there is no walking at all the day after a wedding. And then my back is killing me, and then John can't stand to hear me moan and groan... so I wear something cute for the ceremony, and then the wedding shoes come into play for the remainder of the wedding...

And these shoes, these, right here...

Yes, those are holes on the bottom of the soles.

It was a silly emotional thing for me to come to the realization that I must toss these shoes, and I could have should have thrown them out months ago, because they really had, had enough. But I couldn't. They had to see me through the remainder of our season. I mean, really, these shoes had seen alot of emotion, they had been with me through alot.

63 Weddings.

These shoes made it through 63 weddings with me. That's a lot of I Do's. A lot of running, a lot of miles of running around, a heckuvalot of secret missions, love notes, emergencies, tears, sweat, and maybe even some blood, but really... just plain a lot of stuff.

So they had to see me through the rest of our season. Had to. Must.

And now that our season is over until January (I'm sad, but also kind of glad, we needed a mini break, and the holidays are coming up... so it's fambly time).

But these shoes had to see me though Ashley and Jordan's wedding to successfully finish their mission. And they did.

And I am proud of them. I'm proud of us, and our team!

John asked me if I was going to bronze them. Sort of silly... although I did consider it.

And honestly, just thinking about the last 63 weddings makes me a bit emotional. I started wearing them before I had Gabriel, before I knew I was pregnant. Why, in the world did I wear them so long? Its not like  I couldn't afford new shoes... nostaglia maybe? Comfort? Lazy?

So, now on the new shoes. New love. New weddings. New beginings.

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