Monday, November 15, 2010

Brazilian Blowout

Okay, so here is my hair on a day with no product, no nothing. This is what my hair would look like if I rolled out of bed and went some where... which by the way, wouldn't EVER happen... I mean, ewwww. Gross.

Never. People would run screaming... run in the other direction. Screaming. I mean really, how not fair is my hair. Lots of Running. Lots of Screaming.

But if I did. This is what it would look like:

Pretty incredibly NOT awesome.

What's the opposite of sexy hair??? Unsexy... yeah, that's my hair. Ghetto? Yes. Definately Ghetto-Gross!

Why would any one this earth think that it would look good to go out into public with this head of hair. They wouldn't. I wouldn't, ever, never. Never. And all that grey! Where in the world did that come from!!!!

So, I decided to get the Brazilian Blowout (which by the way, everytime I say it, it sounds a little dirty) and honestly if you are considering one, go to Glenda at Creations. She will rock your hair world!

Check out what she with my mop! My mop of a head...

And, I've already washed it and styled it and I love it!! I think that anyone who lives in Florida, and has any kind of frizz to their hair should do this! Get a Brazillian Blowout!

I feel like I have sexy hair!

I love it! Thank you Glenda at Creations!!


Kristine - Cool Wedding said...

Nicely done! Great hair!

Leslie Vega said...

oooo, love love love!!!

Anonymous said...

Recently, I have heard about the Brazilian Blowout. A LOT about it actually, but still wasn't sure what the results look like. Now I know! The results... AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Love it! how long does it last?

Krystal Radlinski at Verve Studio said...

I love me some Glenda!

And she does gorgeous updos and extensions too! Also try Tonya at Solutions. Those ladies have some wicked hair mojo!

Ramona said...

Wow! That is one really good transformation! Good for you.

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