Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tip on Tipping

I've been asked a lot lately about tipping. and who to tip and how much...and do I have to, is it a must???

All of these are good legitimate questions. And here is the answer.

Yes. 20%ish. No. No.

That's the short and sweet of it.

Here are the details. You should tip anyone that does a professional service for you for your wedding. That includes any professional. And if they do an above average job for you. If the professional that is working for you royally screws up, no-tip-for-them!

The average tip about in about 20%, but it does depend on the level of your service, was it good or great? Did they exceed your expectations? If so, show them. Thank them, with a tip.

You don't have to tip, but it is a nice thank you, so when working up your budget add a bit for your professional vendors. Keeping in mind that some gratuities may already be included in some invoices for your vendors.

Did you add tips into your budget?

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Bride2B said...

Honestly I think its something people don't talk about enough during wedding planning... when it really is because you should include tipping in your budget. I feel like my wedding is going to cost 20% more than planned because of tips!

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