Monday, September 13, 2010

We’re Starting a Movement – No More Ugly Hangers!

You’ve spent so much time in search of “The One”… the one perfect wedding dress, that is. So why would you then hang your gorgeous gown on a hideous hanger?! Join us in our movement to ban ugly plastic hangers! Pretty ones will make your wedding dress photos oh so lovelier, and the great thing is you can customize them to your taste. We were inspired by these wire dress form photos on Pure Photography by Lindsey.  And these from Etsy are personalized with your new name or monogram!

Come on, join our movement - your dress deserves it!

Written by Awesome-tastic Intern Heather

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Lyncca Harvey Photography said...

You know, I'm a wedding photographer and I recently bought a pretty hanger for just this reason. We go to take pictures of these beautiful dresses and most of the time they are on crappy plastic (sometimes broken) hangers!

Say "No" to ugly hangers! Your photographer will love you for it!

Krystal Radlinski at Verve Studio said...

Hear hear!! I couldn't agree more! So many gorgeous expensive gowns on sad plastic & cardboard hangers. It makes a photographer's heart hurt.

Wedding planning said...

wedding dress for your important day can be very a fabulous adventure, but also equally tiresome.

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