Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So it was almost 9 months ago that SWOON OVER IT, took this picture:

It still can't believe I've been a mom for almost 9 months, that's crazy, insane.

What's more insane is that it's a 'ber month... like, SeptemBER, OctoBER... that means it's Christmas, tomorrow. (okay, slight exaggeration)

I mean really, where did this year go? Hellllllllloooooooo?

So, then that brings me to this:

Yeah, um helloooooo! Where is THAT baby??? That little baby that didn't roll over, or crawl, or um, WALK! Did I mention he's almost walking?

But, serioulsy, totally cute, right?

I know, I don't update tooooo much personally on this site, but the serious-adorableness-had-to-be-shared!

Thank you to Verve Studio for their amazing artistic eye and more amazing images!!! I love you sooooo big, forever and ever and ever, big!


bridechic said...


Jewellers Ireland said...

So so so super cute. Third picture of just amazing. First Christmas, beautiful mements.

Amanda Young said...

...and he just gets cuter... and cuter.... and cuter.... I seriously didn't think those cheeks could get any darn squishier. But they did! Love him! (And thanks for the shout out!) xo.

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