Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bridal Show!

It is that time of year again! The beautiful, wonderful time of year that zillions of brides gather in an organized chaos and attempt to plan their wedding in one day, by eating more cake and chocolate covered strawberries than one person should eat in a lifetime.

It's Bridal Show Season!

And for those of you getting married, yes, there is a season for everything, including Bridal Shows!

And we are there to guide you through the chaos of a bridal show, and help you with cans of "Yoo-Hoo, so you're getting married!" and "Stress Relief Pills"

So if we missed you on Sunday, at the Performing Arts Center, for the Gainesville Wedding Expo, we'll see you on September 12th, for The Florida Wedding Expo, at the University of Florida Hilton!

We'll be in-between Too Jay's (and you guys know how much I love me some Too-Jays, I wonder if they'll bring me a corned beef sammich?) and Dream Day Cakes!

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Dream Day Cakes said...

We're looking forward to being your neighbor!

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