Friday, May 4, 2012

Petals Wedding Cake

This wedding cake just screams soft and fluffy and love!

The White on White, with the cascading petals is simply gorgous!

I couldn't find the origjnal source, the Pinterest link went to some spammy site
What do you think? Over the top, or just too blah?


Aurea said...

Delicious! Amazing! No words can describe how beautiful this cake is. Intricately made. Though it uses only white it's still the best cake to look at.

Indian Wedding Sarees said...

Cake is superbly designed and well decorated. Thanks for sharing.

Wedding Invitations said...

This cake is just s surreal, elegant and beautiful, all at the same time!

Kristina - Hartford CT Wedding DJ said...

Wow! That wedding cake is really elegant and beautiful. I so like it! It's just simple amazing. Thumbs up for this.

Indian wedding clothing said...

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