Thursday, May 31, 2012

Celebrity Weddings: Wedding Favor Notepads

For brides on a budget personalized notepads are the way to go! Everyone can use a notepad and it’s not a big clunky favor that gets in the way of all your other fabulous wedding décor!

Everyone’s favorite reality show couple Trista and Ryan Sutter gave out notepads at their weddings with their picture and the word “dream” pressed into the cover.

To do your own version of this celebrity wedding favor check out American Bridal's Fall for Love Personalized Notebooks for the budget friendly price of $2.20 for 24 notepads! 

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bridal jewelry said...

Yes I though this one's gorgeous. I liked the design and it makes me even more excited to prepare for my own wedding. This is even prettier with a bridal necklaces. Thanks for sharing!

Suzze said...

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Heres one of the many designs
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Cheap wedding invitations said...

Really like the ideas of these as people will keep the notepads for quite a while after the wedding.

Aurea said...

Notepads with fancy designs are indeed a good idea for wedding favors. Guests could either use it or keep it.

Embossed Graphics said...

This is a great idea, wedding stationery is perfect for every occasion. Great blog, I personally like monogrammed napkins for this particular occasion.

Personalized Wedding Favors said...

The designs over here are very beautiful , these designs are amazing and fabulous . As these are very important while wedding ceremonies.

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