Friday, May 25, 2012

Gallery Leather Album

The Leather Gallery Photo Albums from Gallery Leather are beautiful for wedding photos! They sent us some albums so that we could check out the quality, and see if it was something we'd like to use for our images. And really, It's so easy to slide in all your photos and put a handwritten caption underneath using the cards in the back of the album.

I can't wait to sneak in all of our family images and keep them for our families to look though over the years. I couldn't think of a better way to cherish all of those images you've been hanging on to.

The pages are also acid-free, so they will keep your pictures safe through the years.

Gallery Leather's  travel leather photo album comes with the option of a window so you can personalize your album, which makes for a great gift to the in-laws or parents!

Gallery Leather sent the leather gallery photo album and leather travel photo album with window for us to review free of compensation. We only review the most awesometastic things! 


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Jem said...

It's great to see this kind of photo album. I think its one of the best deals that a family could have especially those who are just starting to grow their family tree.

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