Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Hair

We all know that hair is extremely important, especially on your wedding day. Deciding on a wedding day do can be mega stressful for the bride. There are a lot of factors to consider. Do I want it up? down? half up? Will it be too hot? Or in my face? Curly? Straight? Will it work with my veil?

A girl can go crazy thinking about it all! I think it is best to go simple. You don't want to be messing with it all night or worrying about it falling out.

For long hair, I like the half up style and to the side. I saw this at a wedding this past weekend and I absolutely love it! It looks gorgeous on everyone. It's so elegant!

 With short hair, I would go with a low, curled, loose up do (high up dos remind me of prom, no?) or even just out and loosely curled. You could also add in some sparkly hair clips or braids to jazz it up.

I'm a fan of the more natural look. It is your wedding day so plain straight hair is a little blah but the beauty pageant look might be overdoing it. Plus, you're husband loves your natural beauty, right?

What are you doing for your wedding hair?


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Alex Jae said...

This is exactly what I needed, I have long hair and hoping it will be longer by my wedding in 9ish months, but I wanted to do something down, but not plain but kind of vintage, I need something half up and half down only vintage. If you have ideas PLEASE let me know at! I love this post!!

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