Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Tale of Two Weddings

Hi, I'm Julie, I am a fairly new intern here at MasterPiece Weddings, I have had the pleasure of assisting in two different weddings in the past few weeks. They both were absolutely beautiful and fit the brides perfectly. But for the sake of future brides, these are a few differences in the weddings that I loved!

First difference was the colors.
One of the weddings used hot pink and pewter. It was very nicely done. The hot pink was used scarcely in order to really make it pop against the pewter.

The other wedding used a beautiful arrangement of navy blue and ivory, with a few hints of purple. These softer colors really complemented the bride perfectly.
Navy Blue and Ivory

Next big difference was the bridesmaid’s dresses.
The first wedding used short, solid color pewter dresses, and wore hot pink shoes. These dresses looked great on everyone, and really made their hot pink bouquets stand out.

The next wedding went for something a little different. They used long, patterned dresses with silver shoes. These dresses were white, different shades of blue, and purple. With their purple and white bouquets, they looked stunning!

Finally, the Wedding Party.
The first wedding had both eight bridesmaids and groomsmen. They really filled up the alter, and made the “getting ready” portion of the day fun. The bride enjoyed having all of her friends with her to celebrate her big day.

The other wedding went with a smaller party. They had three bridesmaids (two of them being a maid of honor), and just one groomsman. This made for a very intimate group, but the bridal suite was definitely not empty. Many of the guests joined the bride while she was getting ready and having pictures taken, which made for a very fun day as well!

More from the views of the MasterPiece Interns soon!

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