Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Blogosphere Series

We are starting a new tradition this summer so get excited!! Each week for the rest of the summer, we will be blogging about our favorite blogs!

We will find the cutest, funnest, and creativest posts out there and share them with you guys! Here is the first in our series from Bridal Snob!

This antique lace covered tree creates a great natural arch. It is such a neat and unique idea!

Bridal Snob always has the coolest and most different pictures. Stop by their blog and see what they have!


Bridal Snob said...

How fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing my website with your lovely readers! Truly dashing. Have a wonderful week and I'll definitely be dropping back by soon :)

Lindsey CJ said...

that is a really cool arch!

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