Friday, January 1, 2010

Year End in Review

Happy New Year!!!!

Normally, I'd post a quick, I am so excited for the new year, and how much inspiration its going to bring! But I think what I really want to do, is show you our 2009 is pictures, since pictures speak 1,000 words, it might be funner!

So here goes...

So a brief explaination:

Top Row: A slight change in our marketing and Eventology - totally loved meeting people that I have talked with for years and made some friends for life!

Second Row: Make new friends and keep the old ones, some are silver and the others gold! The first is of, myself, Stewart Powers, Amanda, and Amanda - we had a great time at TJ's Studio Networking Event, And then the fun we've had the office, PJ Party and Halloween!

Third Row: My Best Friends Wedding, and at the same time, same picture, what you don't see is that I got to work with and made friends for life with Wes and Rae Leytham (Love Love Love - but don't tell them, I hear Wes gets a big head) and our Bridal Shows, along with Let's Eat Cake! You all know how much that meant to me!

Fourth Row: Photobooth fun with Matt Radlinski from Verve Studios, formally known as Prince K-Gallery, me being a dork, shoveling an entire cupcake in my face (another thing marked off my life list), My sister's cake from Let's Eat Cake!, and Keri Vincent, meeting her (another thing marked off my life list).

Fifth Row: Speaking at The School of Rad and the funness that ensued, and more photobooth fun with Angela from Adore Events.

And so much more! 2009 was amazing! But honestly, like alot of you, I am glad to see it come to an end!

Welcome 2010! Let's ROCK YOU!


Jessica said...

Happy New Year! The Let's Eat Cake Fundraiser was amazing and for such a great cause! It was the first cake "show" experience for me and I have to say I enjoyed it so much! Just wondering if there is anything similar in the future being planned? Best Wishes!

saundra, event engineer said...

How much do I love that my photo made the year end review? (that's me in the smokin polka dot blouse in the top row last photo).

<3 you Melissa!

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