Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dragonfly Sushi Caters!

Not every resturant is equipted to be your favorite resturant and also be a great wedding caterer. It takes a lot to be a professional wedding caterer! Don't be fooled, not every resturant that caters can do weddings!!!  But Dragonfly Sushi and Saki is breaking the mold. Not only are they amazing at Sushi, but they have a full catering menu that doesn't have to be Japanese inspired

We love their sushi, my husband and I eat there all of the time! And now we have 6 weddings contracted to use them for their wedding catering!

Check out this video for their awesometastic set up!

And you can follow them on Twitter!

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Savoir Weddings said...

It's definitely true that not all restaurants can handle wedding receptions, I think some see it as a big party and it's a little more complicated that that :)

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