Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red! Oh my!

Just because the holidays are over, is no reason to get rid of the red! Look how beautiful this is! Thank you Intern Melissa for putting this beautiful board together!

Links: {dress}, {place cards}, {veil} {cuff links} {cake} {invitation} {lounge} {flowers} {shoes} {napkin}

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Leslie - Wedding Noise said...

With Valentine's around the corner "red" accented weddings are coming back in again. Like the color board on this one, the wedding invitations really pop out.

On a side note, I was interested in exchanging links with from my wedding blog if you're interested. Just let me know at weddingnoise (at)

On a side note I have friends that might be interested in paying you a fee to be listed on your blog. They are open to advertorials, product reviews, sitewide text links in your navigation under your "Fantastic Resources" or possibly a new category like "Wedding Resources" .

Look forward to hearing back from you either way.

Leslie Jenkins
Editor -
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