Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vendorzilla: Caterer

Caterzilla... oh how we love your food, but your 'tude is killing us!

This post is not about one particular caterer, but about all of the things that caterers can do that make them a 'zilla.

Caterzilla, it would be nice to see an estimate within a few week of meeting with a client. Waiting 9 weeks and then wondering why the client didn't choose you... hmmm.

Caterzilla, if my client wants to know what ingredients are in something you make, it's probably because there is a food allergy, please don't lie. No one is trying to steal your recipes, we just want to make sure that no one dies.

Caterzilla, if my client has menu questions and they email you.... and you don't email them back - EVER. They are bound to be ticked off.

Caterzilla, if someone asks you if you have a set menu to choose from and you don't... and you only do custom menu's for clients, that's okay, but let them know. Don't hang up on them.

Caterzilla, sometimes taking the high road is better than sabatoging an event... oh and doing that, would be just wrong. The high road is always better.

Caterzilla, if you staff is rude - please handle the situation.

Caterzilla, don't blame the bride and groom for your wrong doings... that just upsets everyone.

Again, these are not examples of just my events, they are from my friends who are wedding planners too. From all over... these are all situations that were handled, alot behind the scenes and can all be avoided.

Moral of the story: Hire professionals.


Lauren said...

Loving this Vendorzilla series! :) It's so true though. Unfortunately.

Marcia said...

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