Friday, December 18, 2009

Vendorzilla: Photographer

Photographerzilla... do you realize that after the wedding, you are what the bride and groom have. Your work. Your albums (hopefully!) Your referrals... not if you are a Photographerzilla! Please, don't zilla'ize yourself!

Photographerzilla, if you want to be at the rehearsal, that'd be great! If you ask to chat with the bridal party for a minute or two, that's great too... but don't turn that 2 minutes into a 30 minute speech about how you'd like things to run tomorrow... uh, not your day.

Photographerzilla, I sent you the timeline in advance we talked about it... you discussed it, we adjusted it to suit your needs... so on the wedding day, if you say you need another 20 minutes, it's really not a big deal, until it starts messing with the other vendors... like, dinner.

Photographerzilla, sounds obviously...but be on time... show up.

Photographerzilla, don't delete the bride and grooms wedding pictures from your memory cards until they are uploaded to your computer in at least duplicate... cuz I've seen photographers loose entire weddings. Literally.

Photographerzilla, meet your deadlines for albums. If you promise an album in 6-8 months after the wedding and a year goes by and the bride and groom still don't have an album (and they met your deadlines) they are gonna be mad.

Photographerzilla, don't scream to your staff at the wedding in the middle of the ceremony. HEY OVER THERE! Everyone can hear you... unprofessional!

Photographerzilla, don't cut the Father of the Bride in the buffet line! I promise you'll get to eat...

Photographerzilla, don't scream curse words at your staff. Everyone can hear you. And it's really bad form if your staff is your wife.

What are your fears for a photographerzilla?


Unknown said...

hahahaa.. Bad photographer, bad.. Great article.

Lisa Green said...

Spot on advice as always!

Anonymous said...

...knew of a photog who put a ladder on the altar during the ceremony so he could shoot down on the couple's hands during the exchanging of rings.

Aletha | Pearls Events said...

I've only worked with one or two crazy photogs, thankfully, but seriously this is awesome!

Krystal said...

LOL! The worst photozilla stuff I've seen is:
1. Photographer standing right beside the minister for entire ceremony (that is just weird and ugly).
2. Photographer interrupting the first dance and father-daughter dance to get a shot of them looking at the camera. Gah! Let them have a genuine wonderful moment.
3. No retouching in albums. Doh! Half-finished work makes me bonkers.

Marcia said...

A proper wedding preparation will have checklists, list of wedding vendors, and to do lists. This will help you keep track of everything in one place.

Lindsey said...

Ahhh I'd been looking forward to the photographerzilla day! I want to laugh, but then I remember these are things that have actually happened. Ugh! But yes, the things I've seen that drive me the most crazy are when the photographer thinks it is their photoshoot, not a wedding day.

Unknown said...

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