Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Series Finale!

We'll call this our Series Finale, and make it a Two-Parter. Starting with:

Taking the Plunge- Literally

Thrill Seekers can choose to jump out of a plane together. Elope in Colorado promises an uplifting experience for our clients later this year. After landing, the couple will make a grand enterance for the on-ground ceremony {that's where I'll be!} with parachutes in tow.

Speaking of plunging, have you seen Celebrate!'s recent wedding?

Your As Cold as Ice

So does getting married in the Ice Hotel, make you Hot, or Cold? My husband wants to go to the Ice Hotel, so badly! {One Day, Sweetie!!} This to me is so fantastically unique! Get married in an glorified igloo- well a fancy schmancy igloo.

Hey, the color matches everything doesn't it?

I hope you enjoyed our Wacky Wedding Series! Or at the very least, it put a smile on your face...
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