Thursday, September 18, 2008

Monogram me!

I've always wanted a personal monogram, ALWAYS! And frankly, I know so many people I could have paid to design one for me, but, well, honestly, I am too cheap to have done it. See, it's not a necessity. So, I waited. And waited. And waited.
And then something miraculous happened.
I won not one, but two personalized monograms!!! From none other than my friends at The Event Essentials! I explained what I wanted, BAM she nailed it!!
Here's the beautiful work she did for me!

Now I can create custom note cards, and envelopes, and return address labels, and put it on paper, and memo pads, and Christmas Cards, and....... maybe now I need one for the business... what a great idea!

John's question was, why is my name last?


Thanks The Event Essentials!


Anonymous said...

so pretty! I love I want one too!!

Anonymous said...

Kim design my wedding invitations, she is a paper diva!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. It's a very hard job coming up with a monogram or logo. So much pressure!! It took us at least 4 months to decide on our logo.

Jennifer said...

Those are both beautiful! Congratulations on the win!

Unknown said...

For John-
"Why is the man's name last?"

According to etiquette, a man's name should not be separated from his last name, so when writing the names of a man and woman with the same last name - the woman comes first.
In this case, the etiquette rules roll over for consistancy, even though your last name isn't used. Consistancy makes all things easier!

The mongrams both look wonderful!

Amanda B. Young said...

Gorgeous! I love them both!

Unknown said...

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