Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do me a Favor!

Giving to your favorite charity isn't a new trend. But giving to your favorite charity in lieu of doing favors for your guests is fairly new.

Thanks to Michelle for kick starting the idea! I’d like to offer any bride now through February wanting to donate to Let’s Eat Cake! as an alternative to providing favors for your guests will receive free favor cards for each of your guests, from MasterPiece Weddings, free of charge.

A few bride's I've talked to about this agree, that guests probably don't keep or cherish what you have them as much as you'd like them to. So why not help others instead!

And as an alternative to Christmas presents, we'll print up a really fancy certificate all personalized for you as well! So for that cousin you aren't sure what to purchase - why not make a donation to a great cause, like St. Jude's!

Thanks Michelle for helping Let's Eat Cake! and giving me this great new idea!

{source: I do Foundation}
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