Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Funny!

So I thought we'd start today with a cute story -

A 4 Year Old was the ring bearer at this wedding, and he it was his turn to walk down the aisle - I asked him if he was ready and he said "uh-mmm" and nodded his head up and down. I opened the doors and sent him down the way. He took 4 steps and turned to the right and put his hands up in the air curled his little fingers and said "rowr" and then took 2 steps or so and turned to the left and put his hands above his head curled his fingers and said "rowr" the guests were stunned and laughing all at the same time and he continued to do it all of the way down the aisle. The guests were in stitches laughing so hard, and then he walked up to his place on the alter.

The bride then proceeded down the aisle and the ceremony was perfect! After the ceremony I asked the little ring bearer what he was doing, and he said "Miss Melissa, I was a Ring Bear"

Happy Thursday!

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