Monday, October 8, 2007

Addressing for Success!

The guest list is all drawn up, but before you put pen to paper, make sure you know the niceties of envelope etiquette, inside and out! I'll guide you through six common situations.

Married Couple with the Same Last Name:

Outer - The husband's full name (no nick-names), preceded by "Mr. and Mrs."
Inner- Don't use first names; in this case it would read "Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins."

Married Couple with Children under 18 living at home:
Outer - Children's names are left off of the outer envelope
Inner - "Mr. and Mrs. Hart" on the first line; children's first names on the line below.

Married Couple in which the woman has kept her maiden name:
Outer- The wife's name appears first, on its own line; "and" indicates martial status
Inner - Place "Ms. Martin" on the top line; "and Mr. Haines" is written below

Married Couple in which the Woman is a Doctor:

Outer- The woman's name is written above her husband's. Doctor is spelled out
Inner - "Doctor Goldberg" is written on the first line; "and Mr. Rothman" appears below

Unmarried Couple living together:

Outer - The guests' names (ladies first) are written out on two lines, without "and".
Inner - Write "Miss Duff" on the first line, with Mr. Kuller" below.

Single Person with a Date:

Outer- Address this envelope only to the guest you know personally.
Inner - The words "and guest" are added after "Mr. Harris".

The Write Stuff!

  • Never use the first names on the inner envelop, except for children's
  • Spell out state names, plus words and terms such as "street," "road," and "apartment"
  • Whenever a woman's name appears independently - no matter the reason- it always goes on the first line.
  • Include titles such as "doctor" or "judge" only if guests use them both socially and professionally.


Darci said...

This is such helpful information to have - thanks so much for the post!

Melissa DiStefano said...

Darci, it's my pleasure I am glad you found it helpful!

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