Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ties.com Giveaway!

It's our sweetest thing giveaway! So, I am secret-sucker for a cool, schweet tie! I just think they are uber fun! So, my gift to you is a super sssscccchhhhaaa-weeeeet tie from Ties.com!

Think about a tie for your groom to wear at the rehearsal, a special tie for him to wear on your wedding day, a gift for your father, for your someone special... something fun, nice, or plain romantic! And I bet you could find it at Ties.com!

They have Skinny Ties:

Novelty Ties:

Bow Ties:

And much, much more!

And my gift to you, because I love you all so much - is the tie of your choice from Ties.com! Perfect, Right!

So your rules are:

1. Leave a comment in this post, by 4/25/2011 at midnight.
2. The comment must include your favorite tie from Ties.com
3. You must be a US resident (sorry, International Friends)
4. Tell me who will get this uberly cool tie.
5. That's it... 5 rules just makes it sound for official.

Can't wait to hear your fav!


Leah said...

I love the Space Invader ties - I know my fiance and guy friends would appreciate them! My fingers are crossed for a bit of early birthday luck.


Kaity said...

Ummm, needing bowties yesterday!!

Fiance + groomsmen are all about the bowties with their seersucker suits.

Balboa Stripe Freestyle Bowtie by Bowties Unlimited - Orange Silk is my favorite!

Meg S said...

I love the Yellow & Blue Stripe Tie by Elite! My boyfriend would love it too...I hope :)

mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

Mark said...
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Mark said...

My brother just promoted he could use a new tie now that he's moving on up!

Alexandria Plaid Tie by Silk Rhino Neckwear - Coral Microfiber

thismarksmith (at) gmail.com

Perth Wedding Videos said...

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Robert said...
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Robert said...

To add to my soon-to-be-wife's comment (Kaity).

Without question and for good reason, my favorite is the "Blue and Orange Stripe Freestyle Bowtie by Elite" (http://www.ties.com/v/a/elite-blue-and-orange-stripe-orange-freestyle-bowtie).

I'm thinking I'll be wearing that as the groom with my blue seersucker suit, and the rest of my groomsmen will wear plain orange.

mickey.gallardo7 said...

I'm hoping I can ask for a tie for myself! I'll be a "groomsman" in my friend's wedding soon! I'm a huge fan of skinny ties!

I love the Stonehaven Plaid Skinny Tie by Silk Rhino Neckwear - Silver Microfiber. Here's the link: http://www.ties.com/v/a/silk-rhino-neckwear-stonehaven-silver-skinny-tie


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