Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interns Need Apply

I am in the process of interviewing for our Intern Positions - so if you are looking for a Summer Part Time or Full Time Internship, possibly some of the Fall, let us know!

If you are full of energy, love weddings, are good with details and muli-tasking, don't mind giving up your weekends, have a great personality... inquire within.

I thought that starting with a testimonial from one of our current interns would be a good place to start, see Melanie's experience below:

PS - I didn't even have to pay her to write this! Unless Fro Yo counts?

My first encounter with Melissa was love at first sight. She came into my class and spoke about volunteer opportunities with Masterpiece Weddings. Being a sport management major I wasn’t interested at first, but as I started listening to Melissa speak, I not only loved her personality and her passion for what she does, but right then I had set my goal to get an interview with her. I knew working with Masterpiece Weddings was just what I needed to do to give me that ‘extra edge.’ I had continued to hear the wonderful and irreplaceable opportunities Melissa had given her volunteers/interns throughout their time working with Masterpiece Weddings, which then made me even more determined to work with her. After getting an interview and being offered to work for Masterpiece Weddings, I can say working for Melissa and Masterpiece Weddings has been a rewarding and continuous learning experience each and everyday. There is not one that is the same, Melissa has confidence in all her volunteers and interns and gives us the opportunity to expand our creative wings.  Working with Masterpiece Weddings pulls all different aspects of business together into one, from leadership, managing, communicating, networking, team work, to creative thinking – all levels of business is applied when working for an event company such as Masterpiece Weddings,  and Melissa lets you par-take in each one!

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