Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I feel like the word Elope is almost considered a dirty 4-letter word in the wedding industy. It really shouldn't be. But it's almost frowned upon.

Not by me, mind you.

But really, my clients almost whisper to me, I think we should consider an elopement... in a hush tone.

Honestly, if eloping is right for you, do it!

And if you do it like this, do it right NOW!

I've known Lisa for a long time, and I've known Jeff even longer. I love them, and seeing them happy and together is a perfect fairy tale ending (or is it, begining) for me!

Lisa & Jeffrey's NYC Elopement ! from Jeffrey Stoner Video on Vimeo.


Leslie Vega said...

love this!!

Maria Kirk said...

I can see the reasons why couples sometimes elope and it really should be about the two of them... not trying to please hundreds of relatives! However, I do also think that it is good to have a large party when they arrive home so that relatives don't feel pushed out!

Lisa Konecny-E Events Design said...

Agree, Maria! Party is scheduled for this Friday evening! :)

Carolina said...

I agree- if eloping is right for you as a couple then do it. Do what makes you happy! Just make sure it is what you want because there is no turning back!

Wedding Invitations Australia said...

In hushed tones *i'm considering eloping myself* shhhhh :)

ann wedding favors said...

Well, elopement really happens if both parties are against with their relationship. But if your family is okay with it, why not celebrate it with them. This is the time for you to share with them your happiness.

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