Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brides Florida - Cake

I do enjoy looking through wedding magazines. Really, I do.

Then again, I do like to critique them as well. There are something things that these magazines say, advertise, suggest, send subliminal messages on, write stories on, that I don't agree with. But then again we are all entitled to our opinion.

With that said, this season's issue of Brides Florida was really good. I enjoyed it.

There was one article that stood out to me.

It was about cake. (I love cake...don't tell...)

It was this article:
Yes, I for real ripped it out of the magazine!

And only because, that Black and White cake... I've seen something similar.

Photo by Footstone Photography

Ms. Debbie, in Gainesville, Florida made a similar cake.

And the reason I bring this up, and I think that these prices that they have listed, are quite dependent on where you live. New York, Miami, and Small Town, USA all have different pricing.

The flavor the cake, the quality of the fillings, the number of teirs.... all play a roll. The design as well, and I get that, really I do. But I think that some of these prices may scare brides away from using a local, amazing baker. And then they run to a grocery store chain and think they've saved a bundle - when in fact, a lot of the time the prices may not save them money. And may compromise the quality of the cake.

Stepping off my soap box.


Fred Posner said...

Great article, and thanks for posting it. The crazy thing is that often times Ms. Debbie, Dream Day Cakes, or other local bakers BEAT publix on their fondant cakes. Some of those prices are ridiculous, and in a town like Gainesville, a good local baker can be trusted to provide a great product at a reasonable price.

A local wedding planner can really help you by referring you to local bakers that will over-deliver and recognize the importance of your wedding cake.

Kaity said...

Meeting w/Dream Day tomorrow and Ms. Debbie on Sunday!

Yay local bakers!

Sonya Cole said...

A great post. I definitely think you should always get 3 quotes for everything. You will find prices vary a lot so it's worth shopping around.

Perth Wedding Videos said...

wow!all this cake looking very "ya mi".it is great topic for wedding planning.your blog is about brides florida cake is great.
Thanks for sharing.

Christening Invitations said...

Love them cakes.

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