Friday, February 25, 2011

What will your Wedding Say about You?

So I got a package in the mail that totally caught my attention, it was a large brown package with "Mab Libs" style fill in the blank everything! And I loved it! I emailed the owner of the company immediately told him that I loved him, his product, and I wanted to marry him. And thus begins my love affair with Write on Riot. Their website is under construction... so be patient, but their product will have you laughing until you pee yourself.

Fair warning, I wrote the below card on a sample I was sent, this is my handwriting, my words, my reeeedikulousness... don't judge a company by my dorkyness.

Now I'll turn my blog over to Rob Dalton, the owner of Write on Riot.

Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re somewhere between dreaming about your future wedding and putting the finishing touches on the smallest details of your big day.

For most brides and couples, personalization is the most important aspect of the planning process. You want your wedding and reception to be creative, special and uniquely… well… you.

So, what if an element of your reception could truly be one-of-a-kind? What if your guests were part of the creativity and fun? And, what if a reception could be a lot more awesomtastic (word used with permission, 2011 Melissa DiStefano) for not a lot more money? That’s what we asked ourselves when we created our fill-in-the-blank Wedding Reception Wish Cards.

Write On Riot™ is a new company dedicated to celebration, belonging and fun. Our Wish Cards are a way for your guests to tell you how much they love you in their own personal (and often hilarious) way. The header of each card says, To the happy couple, on this special day I wish for you… (followed by) enough ___________ to last a lifetime, a love like the song __________, in-laws that never __________, excitement like the movie _______, good health so you can still _________ when you’re 100, and more.

Every completed card is a unique expression of belonging and love. Your college roommate will fill in the blanks in a completely different way than, say, your Aunt Helen will. The answers are sweet, funny, thoughtful and always personal.

How Wish Cards can start your reception on a fun note: Place one Wish Card at each reception table place setting. (It’s a good idea to buy fresh pens and leave one for every two guests at each table as well.) Most of your guests will fill out their Wish Cards right away because they’re fun and they’re great conversation starters.

Your wedding planner (ahem, hire MasterPiece Weddings) or attendant can collect the cards and pens before dinner is served, and store them for you in a safe place. Make it a keepsake. The cards can be inserted into a photo album made for 4" by 6" photos. Some couples place each Wish Card across from a photo of the guest who filled it out.

Skip the Guest Book and find out what your guests really want to tell you on your special day. Wish Cards cost just $7 for a pack of 25. There are four designs to choose from, and three colors of each design. You can buy Wish Cards at as well as our fun, fill-in-the-blank shower invitations.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

(PS - Be on the lookout for a giveway and a discount code exclusive to MasterPiece Weddings!!!)

MasterPiece Weddings was in no way compensated for this post, we just love this company and wanted to share the awesomeness with you. Because we like to share cool things with our readers not because we were compensated in anyway.


Rory Caitlyn said...

LOVE these! What a fun, almost retro way to congratulate the happy couple!

New York wedding photography said...

Interesting post. The points you have mentioned in your post is great. Nice job.

Prosklitiria Giota said...

I totally agree on the personalization part.

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