Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Real Simple Weddings - Spring 2011

I was sent a copy of Real Simple Weddings to review, in all honestly, they sent me this magazine for free, so that I could tell you my thoughts and opinions of it. Honest. Thoughts and opinions.

And I hope you know, by now, that you come to our blog for real, honest, and heart felt advice and opinions on all things weddings.

And frankly, I love Real Simple, I buy (like pay for, with real money) their cookbooks, magazines, love their website and tips, follow them on twitter...but I was left a little, well, underwhelmed with this issue.

The cover is gorgeous, and the shoes are frankly, amazing. I want a pair in all colors. But inside is a lot of the same as last year. In fact, a lot of the same images, and articles. I would think that a new season would bring, new ideas, new cakes, new bouquets and new gowns, but this was just a lot of the same as the issue before. I mean the exact same images. Strange, right.

It was also filled with a ton of new information and new ideas, which I love. But I was left a little sad that they couldn't feature a new cake, or a new table number idea. If you are going to roll an idea over from another season, my feeling is to wait at least a few seasons.

I know there are new brides everyday, people get engaged by the dozens hourly... so this magazine may not look like a re-run to a lot of brides, but some may feel the same way I do.

What do you think?


Miss Malbec said...

i think that most wedding magazines have one common flaw and it's that it focuses so much on the gowns that after you have picked yours there is often very little to read or look at.

Kaity said...

I TOTALLY agree Miss Malbec! After I bought my gown (which was about a month after getting engaged), I stopped looking at bridal magazines, since that was all I saw.

allsmileskendra said...

I definitely agree... and I paid for the issue =(

Jad said...

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Anonymous said...

The shoes on the cover are amazing, and inspired my entire wedding theme. I just bought them on ebay. Not having read very many bridal magazines, I actually found this one very helpful, and inspiring. I probably won't buy any other magazines. I found this one to be sufficient. I love Real Simple in general...just wish there was either a Canadian version, or that there were some Canadian resources included.

Anonymous said...

You are correct as to the content of this magazine. I have purchased a few in the past years and I can lay them next to each other and the content is the same. Ladies, she is not saying you see the same design of dresses, or similar themes, the base content is exactly like the previous issues. They start our grabing your attention with the cover and include new Real Weddings but other than the ads it's exactly the same information. Which is too bad. I think even after a brides has most of her ideas down she still will grab another magazine just in search of something more. This magazine has the ability of selling to brides at any stage of their planning. However, the latest one available I picked up just to check and see if anything had changed, nothing, so I left it on the shelf.

John said...

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