Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On a Stick

After playing dress-up in the PhoBooth at Ms. Debbie's a few weeks ago, these mustaches and lips on a stick would definitely make for a lot of fun at a reception!

Photo via Maro Kits

Photo via Carl Zoch

Too funny!

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Josie ♥ Savoir Weddings ♥ said...

You know I don't think moustaches will ever get old!

wedding invitation kits said...

hahahaha. This is great! I love it and with Halloween just around the corner, it's even more appropriate.

restroom trailers said...

very clever! i don't know anyone who would not have fun with this, thanks for sharing!

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Sue said...

This is absolutely cool and funny. I'm imagining our closest friend will wear a mustache on a stick in our wedding, they're so cute and funny. Jason and I will get married this December. Both of us wanted to have a unique and memorable wedding. I think, a mustache on a stick is good idea for our wedding. One of my closest friends helped me to prepare the needs for our wedding. Just last week, we went in Sonoma. Canopy rental services there are affordable.

Platinum Digital Video said...

The last wedding we filmed up in the Panhandle a couple of weeks ago had these. I just asked the bride if I can post a picture of it on our FB page. It was super cute.

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