Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Continue to Learn

I had an amazing opportunity to go to Orlando last week to attend a workshop held by The Association of Bridal Consultants. And I finally got to meet a long time friend, Mark Kingsdorf! One thing that was said by Mark Kingsdorf has stuck with me. And reigns true always.

Vendors drive Hot Dog carts, we are Wedding Professionals.

I think that will forever change the way I think. You, of course, want professionals at your wedding, and in the rare occurrence, maybe a Hot Dog Cart (and if that's the case I'll find you one...) But regardless, the people, the professionals that make your wedding dreams come true must be a professional.

You want an expert to handle your wedding, someone that is knowledgeable, reliable, honest, trustworthy. Not a vendor, a Professional.

(and if you want a Hot Dog Cart, I'll make sure they are professional)

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