Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Day Timeline 101

This is not they type of timeline we put together, but it gets the point across.

Really, once you get to the reception it's more of a schedule of events, something happens first, second and third, ect... but you have to get there.

One thing that can totally throw off your timeline is photography. If you don't plan for enough time to take pictures after or before your ceremony, because taking too much time after your ceremony for photographs, can throw off your whole reception.

Here's how taking an extra 15 minutes for pictures can throw off your reception by 1 hour.

So you are taking pictures at your ceremony location, so your photographer can capture those amazing images (and I am not knocking the photographer, it could be your pastor taking an extra 15 minutes in the ceremony, or starting your ceremony 15 minutes late...)

Now you are 15 minutes late to your cocktail hour, so your cocktail party is late getting your guests into the main ballroom, which will add another 10 minutes to your late'ness factor (LF), then the DJ isn't ready for your introductions because he just started a song that won't fade it out or your band then took their first brake and there is no way to do your announcements, 10 minutes to LF, we are now 35 minutes behind, and then the banquet staff gets salads served, and the meals are taking longer because they had to remake some of them so the meat wouldn't be dry or the fish wouldn't be over cooked. Now we are 45 minutes late, and the bride and groom want to mingle with their guests and that takes longer, so we need another 15 minutes you are now an hour behind.

Your wedding planner can help make up this time, or make sure that those first 15 minutes don't happen in the first place.

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