Friday, July 9, 2010

Eat More Chikin!

{My nieces last month}

Caution:: Unrelated Wedding Post Ahead

So, I was on the phone wtih my sister the other day, my neice Peyton butts in (not unusual) and this is our conversation:

Peyton: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Auntie Missa!

Me: Hey Peyton!

Peyton: Auntie Missa, why are their cows outside of Chik-fil-a?

Me: Well, Peyton, the cows want you to eat chicken and not cows.

Peyton: Ohhhh, that's good, because cows are gross and they have yucky pen!ses on their bellies.

{From the mouth of a almost 4 year old}

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