Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding Cake without Frosting

Found these Beauties Here
Okay, so get it out of the way...


No Way!...




Say it Ain't So!

Wedding Cakes without frosting.

Yes. Lots of people don't like fondant. They don't like frosting.

They love cake.

I know a few cake bakers who would rather die than see a cake they made be seen naked. Yes, I said it, naked wedding cakes. It's a thing.

What do you think of the naked wedding cake?



Not Sure?


Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

I liked naked wedding cakes! Really,they are also beautiful and I have to admit,look more edible,more naturally looking!

Jennifer said... mouth is absolutely watering looking at these delightful cakes! I like not doing the traditional frosting all over thing. You can see every bit of goodness in these without it - perfect.

Unknown said...

Oh my! I'm kind of suggesting this to my friend. It looks unique.

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