Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coach Purse Lifetime 2 Year Warranty

Cliff Notes Version from Yesterday: I got this very-expensive-purse-with-a-life-time-warranty-that-is-really-two-years-and-some-really-crappy-customer-service. That about sums it up.

After I asked to speak to Snooty McSnooterton's manager, I very unapologetic woman comes over to the counter, I explain that, I got this purse, and now this happened:

I cleaned it with warm soapy water, and the Coach Leather cleaner, and it looks like a cheap knock off now.

She told me that she doubted that Coach could do anything, but let's send it in to their division of Coach Purse Fixer Uppers (not her words) and we'll see what they can do, if they can.

I got a letter back from Coach, with my purse, explaining there was nothing they could do, that the warranty doesn't cover the damage, and they offered me a percentage off my next purchase, with their apologies.

Here is my main concern: I have a purse with a lifetime warranty, this is a defect in their manufacturing/product - and they state that the "Lifetime" of the purse is two years.

I purchased a backpack in High School from JanSport, and the bottom ripped, JanSport sent me a brand new back pack 10 years later.

So, Coach, whose purse cost a who zero more than that (almost) should stand up to their product, back it up.

I called Coach, spoke to a very nice Customer Service Rep (finally) and she explained that the Lifetime Warranty on a purse is actually 2 years, that is the Lifetime of a Coach Bag, two years.

And, sorry, Ma'am, there is nothing more we can do for you.

I am still disappointed. Am I wrong?


Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

Wow, 2 years is considered a "lifetime"? That's really surprising to hear that about Coach! Their products generally last years, and though I've never had to have anything fixed or replaced, I assumed their customer service would be excellent.

Ann Taylor said...

Wow, makes you wonder about other lifetime warranties. Two years doesn't seem very long for such an expensive item.

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