Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mascara Project: Rimmel Day 2 Night

 This mascara promises:

Now get two mascaras in one amazing new system. Get two dramatically different lash looks with one mascara from glam’eyes day 2 night mascara, choose defined length for day or intense volume for night. The magic is in the double cap which allows for complete lash customization. Choose the pink cap for up to 75% more length and the black cap for up to 12x more volume. The buildable formula allows you to create the look you want for day or night. With rimmel london’s newest glam-making mascara, lashes are instantly transformed from daytime length to night-out volume without a clump in sight.

Looks like this in the store:

I really thought this was pretty cool, I get two mascara's in one, and if I wanted length, I'd pull out the one brush with the pink cap, and if I wanted volume I'd just use the other.

Realistically, the two brushes are intertwined. And just the length, made me feel like that tall, lenky kid in High School that didn't grow into his body, you know the kid, right? Just using the length, made me feel half naked.

So really, you need to use the volume brush all the time. Otherwize, it's a cruddy mascara, that leaves you feeling used.

I like the Volume brush, I think it worked well, nothing super, duper WOW, but it was easy to apply, good solid brush. It didn't clump, but I'm not super wow'ed. It was easy to get off of my lashes with soap and water, and some towel action.

Cost: $7.99

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night:

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