Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wedding Cake and Truffles

Truffle Wedding Cake - Designed and Created by KB Kakes

You love the taste of Truffles, and you want the look and elegance of a wedding cake, it's you are having this internal battle with yourself... Cake, Truffles, NO Cake, No Truffles... I hear ya.

Then you are worried your Mother In Law is going to disown you because you don't have a traditional wedding cake. Honestly... it's your wedding. YOUR wedding.

So, Kathy from KB Kakes designed this cake, both elegant and sophisticated, with a touch of, er, truffles! Perfect!

Right... it's perfect!

I love this because you have the quilted look on the fondant, the gorgeous silver cake stand, a topper to keep, a cake to cut, and truffles! It's perfect.

Would you do this for you wedding? What do you think of the truffle trend for including them as part of your wedding cake?


Unique Weddings said...

The wedding cake is so very unique. Really like the design so much.

Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

Awesome! It would be great with macaroons, mini cupcakes... Any treat, really!

Unknown said...

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VenĨanice said...

Wedding cake is just stuning.

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