Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bridal Store Closing

Businesses close all the time, and it's sad and scary when it's a bridal store. Unfortunately, in this economy it's happening more and more.
Recently in our town a bridal store that has been in business over 88 years (Eighty-Eight, that is not a typo... Eighty-Eight...) was forced to close it doors. They just couldn't fight these rough times any longer. It can happen to anyone - 5 years, 10 years, 100 years...
So, as a bride what do you do?
Let's say your ordered your dress from a store you found out was closing, first contact the store to find out how they are handling orders, and try to be understanding, your call may not be returned right away. If you can, head over to the store and ask questions, the hard ones. If your wedding is more than 6 months away, and you just ordered. You may need to request a refund on your credit card, find out if the store will be offering refunds for orders that weren't completed.
The store is closing for a reason, they aren't able to make ends meet, your order may need to be handled in bankruptcy court. It's sad. Really sad.
If you haven't ordered your dress yet, this may be a great opportunity to buy a dress off the rack, keep in mind it will be a sample, and zippers may need to be repaired and there may be small stains, but you can get a dress for a great price.
The bridal store closing affects a lot of wedding professionals and brides, if you hired a wedding planner, contact them for help, they are probably dealing with more than one bride who was affected by the closing of the store and may be able to offer insight on how things are being handled.
Wedding Insurance is also another option that would be able to help you in this instance.


Boracay Wedding said...

If I were the bride, I should do the same as well.

custom design wedding dress said...

Hope they recover and open a new store again. More people are going to be wed and there are needs in wedding dress.

kennady said...

I will feel hate when the shops are closed. It is good to purchase the dress in the online. There are a certain number of wedding planner iPhone app is available. Some of other shopping is also available to help the brides.

gracious bridal said...

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