Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tissue Paper Lanterns

Being a wedding planner in Florida, I am big on tents at outdoor weddings (seeing as our Florida weather is always so uncooperative). I always love finding ways to add a pop of color or glamorous decorations to make sure the wedding is festive both inside and out.

These paper lanterns from Martha Stewart are so simple and would add such pop to any reception hall or reception tent!

Not only are they so perfect to add to your wedding day decor, they are SO simple to make and you can make them in any color to fit your event! AND it would be a great project to do with friends, over your favorite cocktails and chocolate!

You'll need: 1) Tape
                    2) Paper Lanterns
                    3) Paper Circles (can be found at HyGloss Products)

Step 1: Starting at the bottom of the lantern, use small squares of tape to begin attaching tissue-paper disks around the hole, overlapping them.

Step 2: Working toward the top, continue sticking and overlapping disks to cover the lantern.

And you're done! How great is this project?!? 


Ontario Adult diapers said...

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Lady Anne {Groomsday} said...

This is a very creative idea. You just gave me an idea for a new wedding decor. I am sure my friends and I will enjoy doing this while munching on our favorite chips and sipping on our drinks.

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