Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hats for Aaron

There's a little boy, his name is Aaron he is 4 years old. And he is very near and dear to my heart.

Blog World, meet Aaron.

Aaron and his little brother Zachary - photo by Yap Originals

This 4 year old little boy was perfectly healthy just last week, and yesterday was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, they found a rare Ewing Sarcoma on his spine and it has metastasized to his Bone Marrow, this adorable fun loving kid, Buzz Lightyear Fanatic has a laugh that can light up a room! And he has a helluava fight a head of him.

I feel like I have to do something, so world, meet Hats On!

I am collecting hats for Aaron, although today he doesn't want to wear them, I know that in the coming months these hats will become part of daily wardrobe!

Soooooo... here is my challenge, send me your hats! Send me a zillion hats, one hat, 2 hats.... when your in your favorite store and you see a hat you think is adorable, a fishing hat, a baseball cap, a crazy fun Dr. Seuss hat, whatever the hat, send them to me!

I will put them together and send them to Aaron's Mommy.

Send your hats to me at:

Hats On!
2725 SW 91st Street
Suite 110-201
Gainesville, Florida 32608

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