Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unique Boutonnieres

There are so many fun, unique ideas out there for boutonnieres!  You really could turn anything into a boutonniere!  Guys are choosing boutonnieres that reflect their style and who they are.  You could use feathers, felt flowers, shells for a beach wedding, or something completely different like a mini guitar!  We are loving all of the creative boutonnieres people are coming up with!

What is your favorite style of boutonniere?



Flowers said...

Nice blog. Like all the pictures on your blog. the last one with a guitar looks awesome.

The Wedding Contessa said...

So Creative! Think out of the box when you have your wedding flowers created for your wedding!

Lindsey R. said...

Love these! The bouts at my wedding had starfish on them. :)

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