Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Choose a Date!

Everyone is busy, everyone has a crazy life, a crazy calendar, so as if picking your wedding date isn't hard enough -- you have events to schedule around.

Football Schedules
Art Festivals
Large Conferences
Family Events
And More....

Some things to consider, especially when planning a wedding in Gainesville in the fall is Football Season. There are very few away games and bye weeks. But there are also Graduations and Art Festivals.

All of those events will affect hotel rooms and banquet halls.

BUT, it can also affect the availability and price of hotel rooms. All of these things need to be considered when planning your wedding or party.

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Peter Sticha said...

One of the most important things in my mind is giving yourself enough time. This will allow you to find the correct venue with as stated above at the best price. Having a longer engagement will give you a better chance of getting the band/dj, photographer, videographer, and food service professionals you desire. You are spending the rest of your life with this person a month or two longer engagement is worth it to have everything you want.

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