Monday, November 3, 2008

Parent Trap III

We know that dealing with divorced family members is a big stressor, and adds to the "making everyone happy" role. We are trying to help you keep the peace, and give you a handy trouble shooting guide.

Walk the Line

Problem:: "My Stepfather feels more like a "father" to me than my real dad, and I'dlike him to walk me down the aisle. Is there a way to do this without hurting my dad?"

Solution:: This is definately a toughy! First, whatever you are going to do, tell your dad{s} in advance, we had one bride wait until the rehearsal to deal with the situation and that was hurtful on all accounts. But to avoid hurting your dad's feelings, consider these other possiblilites: If your "fathers" get along well, perhaps they can both walk you down the aisle, one on each arm. If there's friction between the two, your stepfather can walk you halfway down, and your dad, who can then escort you the rest of the way to your groom, or vise versa.

Then the question remains, who gives this woman....? You can always have them say together in unison, "We Do" or "Her Families and I"... but that's up to you.
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