Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was tagged, again... I was tagged by Stary-Eyed Bride and Bespoke. This one's kind of fun! (sorry for not being able to do this right away, things have been crazy buzy!)

4 Things I Did Today:

1. Put together a contract for a bride.
2. Called a ceremony venue and used my Jedi mind trick to convince them to have a ceremony there.
3. Prayed.
4. Met with a bride who still has lots to do for her March Wedding.

4 Things On My To-Do list:

1. Make a bazillion phone calls.
2. Call back prospective interns.
3. Go see Nights in Roadanthe.
4. Finish Harrison’s Birthday Cake
(Bonus #5 – I have to get the mailing list together for Let’s Eat Cake! Potential sponsors)

4 of My Guiltiest Pleasures:

1. Drinking really good red wine.
2. I love reading in the bathtub. (with a glass of wine)
3. Watching television with my husband. With my head on his lap lying there with his hand on my side. (while drinking a glass of wine)
4. Reality Television…. Yeah, it’s stupid, yeah, it has no redeeming qualities… but I like some of it… I know – I’m a moron… but I enjoy it when I am drinking a glass of wine!

4 Random Facts About Me:

1. I used to swim competitively…. And Greg Louganis and I met at the pool at 5:30 to practice, then he went to the dive pool and I went to the lanes to swim. We shared many a McDonald's Breakfast Sammich together.

2. I work constantly, like I don’t stop, I am thinking ways to improve my business, to work with vendors to make my client’s life easier, to make my husband's business better (I sleep, eat, and live to work) …. I just don’t’ stop working.

3. I do what I do because I really I truly believe it to be my calling in life. I love it and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

4. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 3 Years and 6 months ago, Stage 1, Non-HPV. I am now a cancer survivor. I worked through my cancer, I never missed a wedding, an appointment, and my clients never knew. It’s just what I did. Why should some cancer stop me…. And this is the reason for Let’s Eat Cake.

I am now tagging, Blissful Bride and Unique Designs.

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*Michelle said...

Having a glass of good wine is not a guilty pleasure - its just a pleasure!! (If you have a World Market in your area - I highly recommend getting wine from there. We've never had something we don't like and we try something new every time! 2 faves you've probably never heard of Jim Jim (the vineyard's dog's name... with a really fun story) and Stump Jump. YUM!)

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

WOW! Your random facts are pretty impressive. My hubby is also a cancer survivor. Cancer sucks, but it does make you see the world differently.

Unknown said...

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