Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogging Brides!

So far in Blogging Brides, this has to be my favorite story! I think some of the best stories are always the ones that you can fully relate to, and are true... so with out further ado, Amy F. and her story of the bewbies!
first of all, i am so excited to be a part of the blogger brides series for melissa at "adventures in wedding planning." thank you for having me and creating a social network for all of us overzealous brides!

{keeping the girls happy}

soon after i bought my strapless wedding dress, i knew i needed a bewbie-lifter and a tummy tucker. i hoped to accomplish this by purchasing a corset. so, i saw one posted online and bought it! i know. so stupid. but my girls have been the same for a long time..and i've been wearing the same size over-the-shoulder..well, you get the idea. needless to say, it did not do what i wanted it to do. it did not lift. it did not tuck. back to the drawing board...

last weekend i ran out of the house to do some errands. i had planned only to go to the local drug store to grab some shampoo and conditioner and a few other quick buys, so of course, i did not shower. instead, i threw on a hat, slapped on a little deodorant to cover the sleepy sweat smell, and made a bee line for the store.

on the way home, i passed by a beautiful little lingerie store. i had always drooled over the lacy things posed so elegantly in the window. i thought, "i'll just peep my little head in and ask if they carry corsets, or something similar for my big day."

holy cow, these women were crazy. two of them who were eating lunch behind a big velvet curtain, dropped their forks and came to the front of the store to whisk me in...the third one was showing me this control top panty-shorts thing and was telling me how great it was. she promised it would suck in my 30-year-old tummy, and lift my saggy bottom without flattening it down like other brands do.

"but what about the girls?" i asked.

it didn't take them 30 seconds to have me in a dressing room. one girl was removing my tank top, while the other unleashed my bra. i thought for a second i had wandered into some secret underground "love shop" if you know what i mean, and was ready to break out the mace. fortunately i was too distracted by my mortification of un-showered bewbies and semi-stubbly armpits to make a move for my purse..

as i stood there, bewbs in hands, one of the girls approached me with what looked like shoulder pads. she motioned that she wanted to put them on me...

"you want to see my ..?" i asked.

she explained that she'd seen it all before...and i reluctantly let them free. she complimented me on my girls.. (smile)..and placed stuck the "shoulder pads" on them...clasped them together...and spun me around to face the mirror.

my jaw dropped. it was perfect! lift, cleavage, no straps. "i'll take it!"

walking home, i thought back on the whole situation. i cringed at the thought that i might have just been taken for a ride.

i tried on the ensemble as soon as i got home...the bra, the shorts...and of course, my dress. ladies..i can not tell you enough how happy i am that i stopped in that lingerie store on the way home. it all works together like a blissful, bridal dream.

curious about the bra and shorts?

bra: nubra
control top shorts: falke shaping shorts

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